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About Us

Tom Simmons:

You may have seen Tom on Comedy Central or heard him on various radio stations across the country, including the nationally syndicated, XM/Sirrus Radio. Tom even won the San Francisco Comedy Competition, an event from which talents like Robin Williams and Ellen DeGeneres rose to fame. Tom is not afraid to strip long held beliefs of their credibility with an unprecedented blend of searing logic and great jokes. He instinctively questions everything and everyone.

Joey Kirkman:

A tax practitioner by trade, part-time tour manager and full-time antagonists, Joey spends most of his free time combating religious fundamentalism and enjoying fine Gin. He is currently co-authoring a book with J.D. Shapiro, who wrote Robinhood – Men in Tights, about the harms caused by religious fundamentalism. Joey has managed comedy tours across the country with different entertainment companies and is the founder of Be the Miracle Network – a secular non-profit committed to activism.

Eric Preston:

A writer and documentary film producer, Eric’s recent work includes documenting North Carolina's attempt to write discrimination into it’s state constitution. Eric is producing a film called Homophobia: An Insecure Truth and is the author of How to be an Acorn in a World of Nuts!.

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